Recreation-Kids Programs

Kids Recreational Classes

 2016-2017 Classes


Lil Dragons—External Style Martial Arts (Ages 4 – 7)                45 minute class

Your child will be introduced to the essentials of Chinese martial arts, or wushu, in this beginning class with emphasis on stances, footwork, and hand forms in the external disciplines such as Nan Quan, Chang Quan, & Shaolin Quan.

  • Monday 4:15 pm

Wushu Bootcamp Group Photo

Tigers–External Style Martial Arts (Ages 7-12)                                   60 minute class

  • Monday 5:15pm

Eagles–External Style Martial Arts (Ages 12-18)                                60 minute class

  • Monday 5:15pm

Family – External Style Martial Arts (at least 1 adult & at least 1 child age 4-12)   45 minute class

  • Tuesday 3:45pm – 4:30pm

Wushu Belt Program Classes (Ages 8 & up) 

Your child will thrive in this structured Martial Arts Wushu Belt Program.  Choose 1 Wushu or 2 Wushu Days and the Wushu Gymnastics class is a required class.

  • Wushu Day #1 — Monday 5:15pm – 6:45pm (90 minutes)
  • Wushu Day #2 — Tuesday 4:45pm – 6:15pm (90 minutes)
  • Wushu Gymnastics — Thursday 6pm – 7pm (60 minutes)

IMG_20160607_183137404 (2)    Jonah & Mark   IMG_20160609_183244841 (2)


Self Defense Basics (Age 12 & up) 60 minute class

This is an introduction to basic self defense skills based on Chinese martial arts including proper punching, kicking and striking methods; general body conditioning; and soft tissue targets. No experience required.  Wear comfortable clothing and appropriate shoes.

  • Available upon request




An intensive full-body workout also known as Thai Boxing and the Art of the Eight Limbs taught by Gabi Maxwell, certified through the World Thai Boxing Association, and ring tested with over 20 fights! Dating back over 2,000 years, Muay Thai incorporates boxing, kicking, elbows & grappling techniques into a cohesive fighting style as effective in the ring as it is in the streets.

Muay Thai (Teens/Adults)                                       60 minute classes   

  • Wednesday 6:15pm
  • Saturday 11:15am




Learn basic gymnastics tumbling with one of Skagit County’s top gymnast and gymnastics coaches, Stephanie Shea!

  • Kids Tumbling I (ages 4-6 yrs):   Thursday 3:30pm (45 mins)
  • Kids Tumbling II (ages 7-12 yrs): Thursday 4:30 pm (75 mins)
  • Flexibility and Conditioning (ages 12 and up or special permission):  available upon request





Obstacle tumbling training, strength & conditioning for kids who thrive on high-energy challenges in an indoor environment!

  • Parkour Basics I (ages 4-6 yrs):  Wednesday 4pm (45 mins)
  • Parkour Basics II (ages 7-16 yrs):  Wednesday 5pm (60 mins)

Parkour Kidz    

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