Indoor Parkour

Do you have a child that has lots of energy?  Is your child looking for a fun activity that channels that energy into skills that will help them in every day life?  At PNMAA we offer Indoor Parkour for kids!

What is Parkour?  It is an activity and sport usually set in an urban environment that incorporates running, jumping, climbing, flipping, obstacle course work and tricking.  Still confused?  Think “American Ninja Warrior” or those action packed movies that feature characters jumping from roof tops through open windows of other buildings like the Jason Bourne or James Bond movies!  But don’t worry.  At PNMAA, students will be taught Parkour basic skills in an indoor setting utilizing gymnastics mats and equipment to learn skills that they can incorporate into their own urban environment.

What we teach:  cooperation and respect for other students; basic Parkour tumbling such as bail outs, front rolls, Parkour rolls, dive forward rolls, handstands, cartwheels; Parkour vaults such as the Safety/Step Vault, Reverse Safety, Tic-Tac Vault, Dash, Speed, Thief, Lazy, and Kong; agility work including Precisions, Striding, walking on rails/balance beams; tricking including Kip Ups and Palm Spins; conditioning; flexibility; endurance; and strength!

New students will enjoy their first week at PNMAA free so be sure to try out a Parkour class!

Class Days/Times:

  • Parkour Kidz I (ages 4 – 6)       Thursdays 4pm – 4:45pm    45 minute class
  • Parkour Kidz II (ages 7 – 11)     Thursdays 5pm – 6pm         60 minute class
  • Parkour Kidz III (ages 12 – 16)  Thursdays 6pm – 7pm         60 minute class

Class Pricing:

  • 45 minute class (ages 4 – 6)    Purchase a 4 class punch card ($49)
  • 60 minute class (ages 7 – 16)   Purchase a 4 class punch card ($55)

Note:  4 class punch cards expire 60 days from purchase.

All pricing includes Washington State Sales Tax.


Other Important Pricing and Discount Information:

Tuition Discounts                            10% sibling/family member           10% military (with proof)

Registration Fee                              $35 Individual                                   $50 Family (immediate family only)

Referrals                                            PNMAA offers a $25 referral tuition credit for people you refer to our establishment!

(Note: new referrals must not be in the same immediate family and they must pay their registration fee and their first punch card payment before a tuition referral credit can be issued.)

Drop – In Pricing (No Discounts Apply):

45 minute class $13 per person per class

60 minute class $15 per person per class


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