Is PNMAA Closed or Open?

Well, 2020 was a crazy year where we were mandated to close in March, we reopened in July 2020 only to be ordered to close again on November 16, 2020, per the Washington State COVID-19 mandate! We are still currently awaiting our region (North) to be permitted to enter Phase 2. At this time, the soonest we will know if we are reopening is Monday, February 15th. Let’s hope the North Region meets 3 of the 4 metrics so we can do wushu and taichi again!

When PNMAA is allowed to reopen, we will still be following the same Phase 2 precautions as per the video I posted up during the summer 2020 (see below post). In a nut shell, whether or not you have been vaccinated, masks are still required outside and inside the building. You must wash your hands before entering the building, have your temperature taken, sign in and then come upstairs to the studio for your class. A reminder: in order to stay open we must still maintain physical distancing which means our classes are non-contact.

So, mask up, wash those hands, limit contact with others, maintain physical distancing, get vaccinated if you have the opportunity, and stay safe and healthy!

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