PNMAA Programs

Chinese Martial Arts — External Style Program “Wushu Kung Fu”

Chinese martial arts, or Wushu, emphasizes stances, footwork, and hand forms in the disciplines such as Nan Quan, Chang Quan, & Shaolin Quan.  Flexibility, strength, focus, and self-confidence are basic goals of the external program.  We offer classes by age groups:  Wushu Belt ages 8 & up and Adult Wushu ages 16 & up.

Wushu Belt Program:  There are 9 possible belts and the program may take 10 years average to complete (3 days/week training). Chinese Martial Arts Weapon instruction is also part of the curriculum!

Chinese Martial Arts — Internal Style Program “Taichi” and “Qigong”

The relaxing “meditation in motion” Taichi class is a low impact way of learning a martial arts style that has profound health, balance, strength & endurance benefits.  Practiced in China for thousands of years, Taichi emphasizes breathing, relaxation, and quieting the mind.  Once the practitioner has learned the basic structure, foot and hand forms, then the journey truly continues with the exploration of the different families of Taichi as well as introduction to Taichi weapons (straight sword and fan).  Open to adults ages 18+ (unless otherwise noted on our pricing page).

Qigong is the self-cultivation of intrinsic energy (Qi) and emphasizes fluid movements, breathing, and visualization.  This class is a great way to reduce stress through breath and movement and quieting the mind.  Practitioners will be introduced to Qigong basics (stances, body posture, movement and breath).

Self-Defense Basics Program

Facets of both the internal and external style programs are incorporated into PNMAA’s basic self-defense class(es).  Focus on soft tissue targets and combinations of movements are also emphasized.  **Currently unavailable.**

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