PNMAA Reopening July 6, 2020

We are excited to announce that we are planning on reopening Monday, July 6th, 2020! There will be many new safety protocols in place in order to protect our students, families, and instructors.

Please watch the following video:

Here are a few of the new procedures/requirements:

  • Masks are required at all times in the parking lot, the building, the studio and bathrooms;
  • Bring your own filled water bottle! The drinking fountain will not be available however the water bottle filling feature will be operational;
  • Maximum class sizes will be: 4 students and 1 instructor max;
  • The Yellow Studio has been divided up into 6′ block “Safe Distancing” areas;
  • Hand sanitizer will be provided on-site;
  • Before entering the building, there will be a hand-washing station outside on the east side (street side) of the building;
  • Students will need to check in with the Ground Zero Gymnastics staff in order to sign in and get their temperature taken;
  • Students will proceed up the stairs to the Yellow Studio, do class and then have to exit down the north side stairs and out into the parking lot;
  • All minor aged students (less than 18 years old) will be accompanied by the instructor out of the building and then released to their parent(s) who will pick them up in the parking lot;
  • Only the student will be allowed inside. Parents are required to drop off their child at the east side (street side) main door and must be on time to pick up their child in the north side parking lot at the end of their child’s class;
  • The studio room contains a closed circuit camera. Footage is recorded and kept by Ground Zero Gymnastics;
  • The studio will be sanitized in between classes. Equipment will also be sanitized;
  • Any student experiencing cold or flu-like symptoms are asked to stay at home; and
  • A new updated Waiver and Release must be completed by all students/parents before attending classes. See the Pricing tab and click on the appropriate Additional Required Release form. Note that minor students must have both parent/legal guardian signatures.

Please be patient as we transition to our new normal. Your safety is of our upmost importance!

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