Registration Fee

A yearly registration fee of $35 for an individual or a $50 for a family is required to be paid to PNMAA for insurance coverage.  There is no discount for this fee.



All pricing includes Washington State Sales Tax.  Pricing & Programs subject to change without notice.

Chinese Martial Arts (a/k/a Wushu-Kung Fu) & Taichi 

Adult Wushu-Kung Fu Classes (ages 14 & up) – Learn basic stances, footwork, hand positions and forms in the two most popular Wushu styles:  Chang Quan (Long Fist) and Nan Quan (Southern Fist).  Also, students will be introduced to Chinese Weapons such as Staff (GunShu), Nunchucks & Broadsword.

Currently unavailable                 4-class punchcard (good for 60 days)              $55

Wushu-Kung Fu Belt Program Classes (ages 8 & up)Special Intensive Wushu Belt program including Chinese Weapon training.  Coach’s permission for Belt Program participation required.

Currently unavailable                 4-class punchcard (good for 60 days)               $55

Taichi & Taichi Weapons Programs

Yang Style Taichi & Qigong is “Meditation in Motion,” it improves balance, and reduces stress.  Each class starts with a traditional QiGong warm up and concludes with a Daoist Self-Cleansing. We will be studying the Simplified Yang 24 and the Yang 108.  

Currently unavailable                      4-class punchcard (good for 60 days)               $55

Kung Fu/Taichi Fan class incorporates movements from external style martial arts as well as Yang and Chen style Taichi and Baguazhan while expressing these movements with the fan, the weapon of scholars from ancient China. Fans are available for sale at PNMAA.

Currently unavailable                      4-class punchcard (good for 60 days)            $49

Taichi Sword class explores more advanced Taichi foundation movements with the straight sword.   Yang 55 and the Simplified 32 Taichi Sword forms are explored.

Currently unavailable

Self-Defense Basics

Being able to defend one’s self in an attack is only effective if you have the tools necessary to do so!  Here at PNMAA it is our passion to help you with easy-to-learn techniques derived from Chinese Martial Arts (Kung Fu/Wushu and Taichi), Jujitsu, and Karate as well as soft-tissue target strategies and other behavior training in order to: (1) avoid a potential attack all-together by taking yourself out of the equation; (2) by being able to recognize dangerous pre-attack behavior; (3) to engage with your environment; (4) to help you become aware of your surroundings in order to remove yourself as a potential victim; and (5) if necessary, engage in actively defending yourself from your attacker.

Self-Defense Basics – Mental and physical preparation, risk assessment, avoidance, and simple techniques are emphasized in addition to specific tactics.  Don’t be caught unaware!  Arm yourself with knowledge.

Currently unavailable

Other Important Information

Registration Fee                              $35 Individual                                   $50 Family (immediate family)

Privates                                              Available upon request

Referrals                                            PNMAA offers a $25 referral tuition credit for people you refer to our establishment!

(Note: new referrals must not be in the same immediate family and they must pay their registration fee and their first punch card payment before a tuition referral credit can be issued.)

Drop – In Pricing (No Discounts Apply)

1-hr drop-in price     $20

45 min drop-in price $18

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