Private Lessons

2018 Wushu Kung Fu Belt Program Staff

Need one-on-one or small group specialized instruction?  Why not contact PNMAA for a private lesson or special classes!!!


Jeannette Shea (Wushu/Kung Fu, Chinese Weapons, Taichi, Taichi Fan, Taichi Sword) — Contact PNMAA for pricing.


Private Lesson Cancellation Fees

Coach Jeannette makes time for private lesson clients out of her own personal schedules and because she has had some “no shows” for privates in the past, it is necessary to implement a Cancellation Fee Schedule.  Please call or email PNMAA if you have questions.

No Show Fee  $20

Cancelling 30 minutes or less than 30 minutes before the private lesson:  $15

Cancelling 2 hours to 30 minutes before the private lesson:  $10

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