Wushu-Kung Fu Coach, Taichi Coach, Chinese Weapons Instructor and PNMAA’s Owner: Jeannette Shea A Skagit County resident since 1989, Jeannette brings over 20 years of sports-related business knowledge to PNMAA.  A Qigong & Yang style Taichi practitioner since 2007, Jeannette was first taught by a local Taiji Teacher and later in both internal and external wushu styles by an international competitor/coach.  In 2014, she also completed the Yang Style 24 Form class at Skagit Valley College where she co-taught other students throughout the quarter and received an “A” in the class. Jeannette has been assisting with Qigong & Taichi instruction since 2009 and teaching full time since 2014 in both internal (Qigong and Taichi) and external styles (Chang Quan and Nan Quan) at PNMAA.

Coach Jeannette is working closely with coach, Mark Moran, to further her Wushu journey. 

Any questions relating to enrollment, registration, billing, etc., should be directed to Jeannette.


  • Background check through NCSI “Green Light” — expires 7/31/2023
  • USA-Gymnastics Instructor — expires 7/31/2023
  • U.S. SafeSport (U.S. Center for SafeSport) — expires 7/31/2022
  • USA-Gymnastics Safety Certified — expires 7/31/2024

Spring 2015 Competition Update:

Jeannette competed at the 2015 CMAT and Tiger Claw Elite Championships in California (March and May).  She metaled in each event she entered and even qualified for the Grand Championship at the Tiger Claw Elite Championship!

Summer 2019 Competition Update:

Three of PNMAA’s students participated in their first ever competition, the 5th Seattle International Martial Arts Competition (SIMAC) held at Edmonds Community College. Coach Jeannette’s students all earned medals in their events and enjoyed this aspect of Chinese Martial Arts!  Check out the Video tab for highlights!

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