PNMAA offers Qigong, Yang Style Taichi and Taichi Weapon classes taught by Coach Jeannette Shea.  Please continue to check out the drop-down menu tabs under this main menu for more information about Taichi and our Taichi program!

***COVID19 Update: As of our second reopening on February 16, 2021, we are only offering limited classes.  If you are interested in classes that are labeled “Currently unavailable,” please call (leave a message) or text 360-630-1472 and Coach Jeannette will get in touch with you about possible days/times.

Taichi Program 

QiGong & Yang Style 24-Movement Taichi Class

QiGong & Yang Style 24-Movement Taichi  This class will warm up with the traditional Five Animal Frolic Qigong and then students will explore the basic Taichi postures, breathing, foot and hand movements.  The Simplified 24-Movement Yang Style Taichi form (taolu) will also be taught.  Ages 16 & up.

Currently unavailable                 $55 for a 4-class punch card (expires 60 days from date of purchase)

Yang Style Taichi Class

Taichi is “Meditation in Motion,” it improves balance, and reduces stress.  We start with traditional style Qigong warm ups and conclude with a Daoist Self-Cleanse. This class is a continuation of learning the Yang Style 108 that includes posture, breathing, hand and foot movements. Ages 18 & up.

Currently unavailable                 $55 for a 4-class punch card (expires 60 days from date of purchase)


Taichi Fan Class

Kung Fu/Taichi Fan class incorporates movements from external style martial arts as well as Yang and Chen style Taichi and Baguazhan while expressing these movements with the fan, the weapon of scholars from ancient China. Fans are available for sale at PNMAA. Ages 16 & up.

Thursdays 5:45 – 6:30pm                $49 for a 4 class punch card (expires 60 days from date of purchase)

Taichi Sword Class

Yang Style Taichi Straight Sword is a wonderful expression of Taichi movements and Qi expression/cultivation!  Sword drills, movements, and applications make up the foundation for studying two different Yang Style Sword forms:  Yang 55 and Simplified 32.  Ages 18 & up.

Currently unavailable.

Other Important Information, Fees, and Referrals

Registration Fee                              $35 Individual                                   $50 Family (immediate family)

Privates                                              Need one-on-one instruction in Taichi or Taichi weapons? Call us!

Referrals                                            PNMAA offers a $25 referral tuition credit for people you refer to our establishment!

(Note: new referrals must not be in the same immediate family and they must pay their registration fee and their first punch card payment before a tuition referral credit can be issued.)

Drop – In Pricing (No Discounts Apply)

1 hr drop-in $20

45 min. drop-in $18

All Tuition Pricing includes Washington State Sales Tax.

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