Wushu Bootcamp at PNMAA June 4 – June 18th

PNMAA is excited to announce our very first “Wushu Bootcamp!”  Our guest coach is none other than Mark Moran!

Mark Moran

Mark was the 2000 Western Regional Grand Champion in Nan Quan (Southern First) as well as the 2000 U.S. National Silver Medalist in Nan Quan!

Having trained at dozens of schools throughout the U.S. with many of the top teachers in the country, Mark then continued his Wushu education/journey by living and training in China for 8 years:  Shi Cha Hai Sports School, Beijing Sports University, People’s University of China, Shandong Provincial Wushu School, Jimei Sports University, the Shanghai Wushu Center, the Shanghai School of Sports & Exercise Science and the Shaanxi Provincial Sports Center.

A true martial artist, Mark shares his extensive knowledge throughout the United States, China, Hong Kong & Europe.  Currently Mark teaches at the Molokai Wushu Association in Hawaii.

Some of Mark’s most notable teachers include Hao Zhi Hua, Wu Bin (Jet Li’s coach!), Zhang Zian Ming, Cao Wei Ming, & Yang Rong Kuan.

His specialties include Nanquan (Southern first), Nangun (Southern staff) & Nando (Southern saber).  Mark is also proficient in Chang Quan (long first), Daoshu (broadsword), Gunshu (staff), Jianshu (straightsword), Ying Zhao Quan (Eagle claw), Taiji Quan (Yang & Chen styles), Shuang Dao (double broadsword), and has experience with Bagua Zhang, Pu Dao, Hong Jia Quan, & Xin Yi Liu He Quan.

His “daytime job” is a web designer and Mark also blogs about his wushu knowledge and experience at www.wushuadventures.com.

So back to the Bootcamp!  Because PNMAA and Coach Mark are passionate about Wushu and Wushu education, we are offering several additional hours of Wushu training for the same price as a regular month’s tuition!  How cool is that?!? (Note:  must be a PNMAA registered and paid student by May 25, 2016.)

Mark in China

Here is the Bootcamp Schedule:

Saturdays, June 4, June 11, & June 18:    9 – 9:45am  Ages 4 – 7      10am – noon Ages 7 & up

Mondays, June 6 & June 13:                      4:15 – 5pm  Ages 4 – 7      5 – 7pm  Ages 7 & up

Tuesdays, June 7 & June 14:                      4:15 – 5pm  Ages 4 – 7      5 – 6:30pm  Ages 7 & up

Thursdays, June 9 & June 16:                    4:30 – 7pm   Ages 7 & up

Some Wushu Bootcamp notes:

  • Please note there are no make up classes for Bootcamp or for June, 2016
  • Cost for PNMAA active students (by May 25th):  $55 (includes regular classes before & after Bootcamp)
  • Cost for new students attending after May 25th:  $35 registration fee/individual & $250
  • “First Week Free” does not apply for any Wushu Bootcamp special classes
  • 7 year olds must attend the younger group (ages 4 – 7) unless they have special permission from Coach Jeannette or they are already enrolled in the Intermediate Family Class.
  • Beginning Family Class students (including parents) can attend the Wushu Bootcamp ages 4 – 7 days/times.
  • For classes longer than 1 hour, breaks will be given.  Please bring a snack for yourself as no food will be provided by PNMAA.
  • Please bring a water bottle!
  • Wushu Bootcamp students are expected to be on their best behavior!  Listen, learn and have fun without being disruptive or disrespectful.  Students who display poor behavior choices will be removed from Bootcamp classes.
  • Please sign up for Wushu Bootcamp by June 1st.  Call or email PNMAA if you’re interested in participating!



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