Wushu – Kung Fu

Check out our drop-down menu for some commonly asked questions about Chinese Martial Arts & a more in-depth look at our Wushu – Kung Fu Belt Program!

Chinese Martial Arts (a/k/a Wushu – Kung Fu)

Adult Wushu – Kung Fu Class (ages 16 & up)An introduction to Wushu/Kung Fu with special emphasis on postures, hand forms, stances and short drills in Chang Quan and Nan Quan. Weapons:  Staff (GunShu), Broadsword

Currently unavailable                                4 class punchcard (good for 60 days)                   $55

Wushu – Kung Fu Belt Program Class (ages 8 & up including adults)Special Intensive Wushu program with Coach’s Permission

Currently unavailable                                4 class punchcard (good for 60 days)                   $55

Washington State Sales Tax included in all punch card pricing.

Other Important Information, Fees & Referrals

Registration Fee                              $35 Individual                                  $50 Family (immediate family)

Privates                                              Need one-on-one instruction in Wushu Kung Fu? Call us!

Referrals                                            PNMAA offers a $25 referral tuition credit for people you refer to our establishment!

(Note: new referrals must not be in the same immediate family and they must pay their registration fee and their first punch card payment before a tuition referral credit can be issued.)

Drop – In Pricing (No Discounts Apply)

1-hr drop-in class                             $20

All pricing includes Washington State Sales Tax.

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